Monday, September 26, 2011

Toys are meant to be figured out

Last Friday I went babysitting Joshua.  His Mom warned me that he is not in a good mood during the week due to his teething.  So I tried to play his toys with him.    He definitely have very good motor skills.  He pounded and grabed the purple mushroom to make it sound noises.  he tried to figure out what made the little musicin turn around.  The musicin is turned on by pushing a small button in front of him.  joshua has not found out that trick yet.  He turned the toy around and checked the backside of the toy and could not find anything.  I remember that Bowtie used to be facinated by my printer.  He would jump to look at the backside of the printer and try to find out what made the printer spit out papers.   It was serious business.  Joshua was very serious when he played and examined the toys.  He was STUDYING them! From the picture, you can see that he stands and walks around the table very well by himself.

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