Thursday, September 29, 2011

A walk in the park with Tom

Janice has jury duty, and Tom went to VA to babysit.  I decided to drive to Arlington to have lunch with Tom at Mark's Dock House.  We had some dim sum.  Not bad!  Then we did a nice shopping excursion to the Whole Food.  Tom got three out of the four items Janice asked him to buy.  The shop was temporarily out of arrow root powder.  I introduced two breakfast cereals I like with good fiber and low sugar.  I was impressed that Tom decided to also buy them to try.  My big brother listened to me!  I am so delighted and consider that quite an achievement.  Respect is earned.  And indeed it needs to be earned for someone who is much younger than the big brother.  We then took an one hour a walk at the nearby park before heading back.  We were so good with time that I did not have to fight the afternoon rush hour.  There were some birds flying against the light blue sky under a shinning sun.  I appreciate and am grateful for the feeling of peace and joy driving home.

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