Sunday, July 29, 2012

A friend, a life story

The weekend before Sylvia's fourth round of chemo treatment, I went to visit her in her home in Virginia.  KC has already arrived from Indiana.  I am glad that Sylvia seemed to enjoyed the steamed blue crabs I brought over.  Although we had to cancel the original plan to Cape May and Atlantic City, we did have a few laughs over the crabs, especially the bib ingeniously designed by KC.  We also did a wonderful walk in the Mall in the afternoon. Sylvia walked the fastest , and KC and I had to hustle to keep up with her.  Sylvia knew that she will become weak once the treatment starts the following week.

The fourth round of chemo just began.....when the hope is thin and pain is severe, Sylvia decided that she no longer wishes to continue with the treatment.  What words can I say? What  comfort can I offer?  For someone who knows her days are numbered, I feel that I can only render my respect for her decision, and whatever support that she may be willing to receive from me. 

The loneliness of life is just no laughing matter.

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