Wednesday, April 8, 2020

My Brother Dean

We think of Dean a lot these days in the midst of the Coronavirus crisis.  We siblings all have underline health issues and Dean's situation is especially challenging.  Throughout our lives, we siblings do not know how to express our feelings or affections.  We were taught to be disciplined, responsible, proper, study hard, pass all the entrance exams......., but not on how to be affectionate, how to love and be loved, or how to be happy when we grew up.  We had to struggle to learn about ourselves and others, to learn about the meaning of love, and to learn how to be happy.  We have been very lucky the way we turned out.  We care deeply about each other, and we all know about that fact.  Yet we need to learn how to say I love you.

Dean came to visit in 2016, and we took a trip to Annapolis together.  He can always find a good deal, and we end up in this wonderful breakfast place.  The food was delicious and the price was wonderfully cheap.


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