Friday, June 17, 2016

Cadaques, Spain

I loved the scenery in Cadaques, although we went there primarily to see where Salvador Dali lived and worked.
Some of the scenery along the coast:


 The "Casa Museu Salvador Dali:
 The younger crowd were waiting to enter as the second batch while us the older ones went in as the first batch
 Inside the house Salvador and his wife lived. One can see some unique designs of the painter.

 Salvador would sit and paint in front of this movable (up and down and sideways) setup for the canvas.  His wife was his muse.

The garden outside:

After the museum, we decided to hike to the light house on the south end, then drove to the light house on the north end.  By the time we reach to the north end, it started to rain pretty hard.
 The south end light house:

The north end light house:

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