Sunday, June 5, 2016

The Beach of Premia Del Mar

The second day after our arrival, and the last day before my departure the Premia Del Dalt, some of us walked down to the beach of Premia Del Mar. It usually is a 30 minutes walk going downhill to the beach, then about 45 minutes hiking back to the villa.  We saw some beautiful patches of flowers, and a nice luring bakery.
We also would stop by a vegetable and fruit store to look around:
Some of the other scenes along the way:
 A bicycle park in the town:

On the beach, people and dogs are having a great relaxing time:

 The Barcelona city is in the distance at the end of the water.

From a bridge, one can see the long beach, and the sidewalk used by many walkers and bikers:
We were in a happy and groovy mood the day before some of us will leave the next day:

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