Sunday, June 5, 2016

Lloret de Mar, Spain

On the third day, a group of us with three cars following each other diligently, we headed out to explore the rugged coast northbound.  We made the first stop at lloret de Mar.  The plan was to take a walk by the water front and hike up to to high spot for the view, then we will continue on with the coast drive.  While we were walking toward the high point, Mike slowed down and was by himself. Unfortunately his wallet was robbed.  We then looked for the police station, reported the theft, had lunch, then head back to the villa so that the necessary phone call could be made to remedy the stolen credit cards.  The positive side was that the weather was great and all had fun during the hike.  Everyone felt bad for Mike and Sue, and each grow more alert with the surroundings.


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