Friday, January 4, 2019

Gjirokastra, Albania

Gjirokaster is a southern Albania hillside town, whose collection of Ottoman-era mansions is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.  It is nicknamed the "city of stone" for the distinctive stone roof adorning its old homes. Many of these Ottoman bazaar go back to the 17th century.

If one walks up the steep cobblestone street , one will come to the Gjirokastra Castle, located on the rugged hill overlooking the Drino valley. The earliest castle's excavated foundation are primarily medieval, but archaeologists believe that the hill has been inhabited since Iron Age (8th-7th BC). Ottoman conquered the castle in the early 15th century, the castle was progressively enlarged and improved. 
Cobble stone street leads to the entrance of the castle:
The front wall:
Vendors outside the castle:

The inside of the castle has now been a gallery of artillery, a museum of armaments and prison
 The Albanian hero who fought off Otterman invasion.
 Man and women rose as Republicans (communists) and fought for Albania's independence:
The Prison:
The Terrence:


 Beautiful yet with a sense of sadness!
The back of the castle when Estella and I walked to the other side of the castle the next morning.  One can see the destruction and ruin without repair.

Our hotel was quite charming:


The inside of the old house we visited:

I also had my fortune in the coffee grind read by this old lady, and she was so excited by how great was my fortune! Delighted for the good will!!

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