Thursday, January 10, 2019

Royal Tombs of Vergina

Vergina is 75 Km west of Thessaloniki.  The Royal Tomb Museum was built where the tombs were originally excavated.  The museum gives a dark and imposing atmosphere.  Inside the tomb there was a small temple built for Phillip II.

Hundreds of items are displayed including beautiful gold creations, elaborate jewelry, colorful wall paintings, mosaics, hundreds of ancient items including a richly carved burial bed and others, used by the imperial family.  There was also the shield and armor of King Phillip the second being shown.

This is definitely a most worth visiting museum!!

The entrance to the Royal Tombs Museum.  the museum is underground beneath the bump.
 The location certainly was beautiful and tranquil.
 Fooling around:

Picture taking inside the museum was not allowed.  The following pictures were from the Internet showing some interesting items inside:

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