Thursday, January 16, 2014

A trip to Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia, and Herzegovina

Over the Christmas and New Year holidays, I joined a small ship cruise trip operated by Grand Circle Travel for a sail down the Croatia coast along the Adriatic Sea.  I flew into Zagreb, then was transported to Zadar to board the ship.  Along the coast, we made stops at Sibenek, Split, Hvar, Dubrovnik, Kotor, Korcula, Neum, and visited Mostor from Neum.  Our final stop was Opatija via a bus trip from Neum.  I also spent 4 more days in Zagreb as a post trip extension.  This trip probably turned out to be most stressful but educational of all the trips I have taken so far since retirement.  I can only say that life works in mysterious ways to offer us teaching moments. I met three people on this trip that I would like to continue cultivate a friendship.  That probably would be the best fruit from this trip.

The following is a map of the route of this trip.

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