Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Painting of Madonna and baby Jesus

When I was in Zagreb, I visited many museums.  Some of the paintings gave me great pleasure just by watching at them.  Some paintings made me laugh. 

The painting I liked the most is one of Reno's in the Mimara Museum.  The artist was able to see and capture so much beauty and joy (in a woman) on the canvas.

There has been so many paintings of Madonna and baby Jesus over the centuries.  It is amazing that human beings have so much imagination and fascination about the relationship between this particular pair of mother and baby.  I guess it reflected that human beings must struggled centuries after centuries the nature of God and Human in Jesus.  My favorite one is the one shown more as an impressionist's perception.

  The remaining ones made me laugh as they made Mary look very unhappy and baby Jesus looked rather naughty or something.....

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