Thursday, April 18, 2019

Porto Venere

In order to get to Porto Venere, we had to take a train to La Spezia, then change to a local bus.  That was what we did.  It took us a while to find where to take the bus, but we managed!

Walking in La Spezia to get to the bus:

Then we arrived the destination via this bus:
Due to the off season and on a weekday, there was hardly any tourist except us.  We enjoyed the quietness very much!
The waterfront:
 Beautiful snow capped mountain in the distance:
 We would later walk up to the church and the castle:
 A pretty cat in the sun!
 Toward the church:
 The poet Lord Byron used to love to swim here!
 Loved it's tail!

 All to ourselves!

 An artist's view of "Mother Nature"

 Church of San Lorenzo

 The old city gate:
 I bought pesto and wild boar sausage from her.
 We had lunch at this water front restaurant with beautiful setting and delicious food:

 What a delightful day with such beautiful backdrop.

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