Friday, April 19, 2019

Shu Road and HuaShan

I went back to Shu Road again as a member of the group led by Hope.  Prior to the group tour, Steve, Hope and I took a cooking lesson in ChengDu.  After the group's tour, Hope and I took a train from ChengDu to HuaShan for another hike.

The cooking class:
The front door to the Chili Cool Cooking Class:Chef Chen is in the middle.  Winter is to the far left:
We usually go to the wet market to get fresh ingredients, cook, then enjoy the dishes.  It was a lot of fun.
 The above was a freshly killed rabbit.

 Traditional market always has "other" business like cloth repair or alteration...real estate for sale....

Chef Chen:

Examples of some finished dishes:

Goofed around.  We each got a chef's outfit:

Steve sent me some pictures he took from the cooking class and the Shu Road tour:

Shu Road:
The rape seed flowers this year was even more full than last year!

I wish long, long, long live the cypress trees:

 Three tree climbing senior citizens:

 The little cypress tree planted by us.  I wish it grow big, stronger, and live for a long, long, long time!
 A friendship originated from walking the Shu Road:
My best wishes to all the people I have loved in my short existence in this universe.
We had a wonderful time hiking in HuaShan.  A few pictures are shown in the following link:

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