Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Salerno, Paestum, and Amalfi

Using Vietri Sul Mare as our base, we took train, and bus to visit Salerno, Paestum, and Amalfi on three separate trips.


When we first arrived Salerno, we met this charming Italian man who is the owner of a hotel (Hotel Plaza) right across from the train station. Mr. Gaetano Schiavo introduced the town, his family business, and his Mom's painting to us.  He invited us for some coffee.  Due to his introduction, we later were able to visit the Roman aqueduct remain, a cathedral, a museum, and an agricultural medicine garden.

Mr. Schiavo in his hotel:
His hotel and his Mom's paintings.  His Mom must be a lovely and elegant lady to have painted so cheerfully, and brought up such a gentle and charming son.

The streets of Salerno:

 The aqueduct in the middle of a street:

The waterfront has a nice park, a walk/bike way, a fairy wheel.....

 Hope took a ride on this City Eye to get a bird view of the city.
The museum and some pieces I liked:

 A bronze head identified with the God of Apollo:

The cathedral:

The agricultural medicine garden:

Weiling and I also each bought a pair of sun glasses in Salerno:
 We took a train to reach Paestum.  The site is a short walk from the station.

 The old city gate:

Romans respected the religion of the Greeks even after its conquer.  So they destroyed none of the Greek temples. They just built the road and city among the temples.

We also visited the museum on site.  The most impressive was "The Diver", painting on the wall of burial chamber.


You have to take a bus to Amalfi.  We visited here instead of visiting Pisitano based on the recommendation of Gaetano.  He meet us at breakfast when we decided to move to his hotel to be close to the train station heading to Cinque Terre that day after.
It was a rainy day, but we were prepared with our rain gears.
The Street of Amalfi:

 The Cathedral built in the 13th century was very impressive:

 An old papermill shop, but too bad was closed for the day.
 We did the hike to Vatte della ferriere in the rain.  Interacted with a cat who followed me for a very long distance, and saw a beautiful waterfall:

Our lunch, not too impressive, but fresh:
On our way back on the bus, we got to see some sunset on the coast.

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