Thursday, April 18, 2019

From Vernazza to Corniglia

We became pretty good with the routine.  Got up, had breakfast, headed out to walk from Bonassola to Levano, calculated enough lead time just so we would catch the scheduled train to head out to the village we planned to visit for the day.  And this morning it was Vernazza.  Boy, it was a SMALL village all right.  Narrow streets and most restaurants closed for the season.
 The train station of Vernazzo:
 Narrow streets and the waterfront:

The three of us had lunch at the only sandwich place that was open.  Weiling decided not to join us for the hike from Vernazza, and headed back home.  Hope and I ventured out to hike toward Corniglia:
 One can have a better view of Venerzza from the trail above:

 It was a beautiful day:

 The trail was quiet and pretty:
 Along the way, a sign tells you where you are located in case of emergency:
 We can see Corniglia sitting on top of the cliff  from the trail:
 Truly enjoyable, and not rugged at all:
 Getting closer:
 There are some other very small villages on the slope or the top of other hills
 People in the old days simply had to walk these trails to get to the other villages:

 We arrived:
 Of course, narrow, but colorful streets:

 We stopped at the cafe to have a bit Cinque Terre wine and lemon cake!

 And we walked about in town a bit, even went all the way down to a waterfront (but turned out not the train station)

 This is the way down to the station (382 steps)
And the train came on time to take us home.  I started to really like these trains! 

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