Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Porto, Portugal

On our way to Porto, we stopped at a small village to visit this bread maker, who once was a maid in the house of the dictator Salazar.  In her mind, Salazar was a father figure and gave her an opportunity to go to school.  No one can say any other individual is 100% good or bad, it all depends on each's experience I guess.  The freshly baked bread only tasted so-so.

I found a statue of Salazer in Porto and in Guimaraes.  He was a university professor before he was invited to become a politician, and later a dictator.  Below is a statue of him in Guimaraes:

Porto is to be experienced on site in person!! The following pictures only showed some glimpses of the old city.  Almost at every turn you see a UNESCO sign.

 Flags of port wine companies along the waterfront:

 Old cable car still runs up and down:



Take bus 500, with 1.95 Euro you can ride along the waterfront northbound and come to the mouth of the river meeting the Atlantic ocean.


Inside the parliament/stock market

At the train station:

In front of the book store that inspired the author of Harry Potter series, and inside of the bookstore:

We also visited the Art Museum, where a number of exhibits of Anish Kapoor's model were shown.

Above from left to right: KC, Larisa(from California), Grace (husband Bob Chen who took the picture), and me on the lawn of the Art Museum.

View from our hotel, and charcoal picture in our hotel lobby:
 Outside our hotel door:
 Many beautifully done charcoal pictures in display at the lobby.  I like this hotel a lot.  Very conveniently located with very friendly staff, although the breakfast was only so-so.

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