Monday, August 13, 2018

A Day in the Life of Galicia - Seaside Cambadoe

Galicia has two famous offerings: seafood and wine.  We spent a day to visit the mussel farms, a winery in the coastal community of Cambados, and an evening enjoying the authentic Galician cuisine and the music of Spanish bagpipes.

The boat owner was so excited to take us out to see how mussels were farmed, harvested.  They also steamed plenty for us to taste with wine.
The platforms in the distance: 
 A close up of the platform
 Tubes and tubes of mussels are hanging from the platform and growing under the water:

 a photo op:
 With wine and steamed mussels, what a life.
The winery with an enchanted  hidden garden:
The old church opposite to the winery

The door open to the winery and secrete garden:
Grape vines held up by granite columns:

 The hidden garden:

Tasted delightful:
The Galician dishes, the extravagant awful tasting drink, and the charming bagpipe players:

A lunch

 Our dinner:

The drink supposedly to have driven the witches away:

The bagpiper performer, a pair of siblings:

We leave for Portugal tomorrow.  This concluded our stay in Spain. 

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