Friday, November 16, 2012

Conversation A Nice

The airport of Nice is right by the Mediterranean Sea.  The landing of our plane reminded me of the old Chi Der airport of Hong Kong.  We were greeted by palm trees standing tall against the blue sky.  I felt happy instantly!
When our Program Director led us on a before dinner walk, I was so intrigued by the statues standing high on the Massena Square. We learned from Jamil (our Program Director) that they were designed by a Spanish artist, and were made of plexiglass. They illuminate every night with colors changing smoothly to emulated a dialog between them. It's really beautiful and poetic!
An old fashioned statute water fountain also sit at the Massena Square, with the God looking toward the Mediterranean Sea.
The sun set on the Mediterranean Sea.
The flower market in Nice is quite cheerful with lots of locals and tourists.

Joan and I hiked up the hill so that we could have a panoramic view of Nice.  On top of the hill we also visited a cemetery.  I suppose one has to be rich to be buried high to see the coast.

Bicycle is popular in Nice.  We saw policeman and women, as well as postman using bike to conduct business.  Below is a picture of the postman's bike.

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