Monday, November 19, 2012


One just can't do Paris in two days.  20 years ago I visited Paris with Rosanna.  Some of the scenes are still familiar.  But I certainly have a different outlook of life this time.  I did the Versailles again to keep Joan company, as this is her first trip to Paris. 

I still remember the Jardin Du Luxembourg that Rosy and I walked through in a rainy March day.  The Park is so beautiful with the yellow leaves. 
 I also made a friend: Rochelle, whose independent style intrigued and inspired me.
The walk climbing up to the Montmartre was very interesting with places where artists used and still to gather, and painted their famous paintings.  Renoirs painted his Moulin de la Galette here:
The tavern where artists got drunk: The painting was a rabbit jumping out of a pot holding a bottle of wine.

Of course there are the Norte Dame and the Eiffel Tower:

The river Seine:
Would I go back?  Yes I would like to.

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