Saturday, November 17, 2012

Viviers and Tournon

While the white swans we saw in Viviers were beautiful, they were really mean when they fought for food.  It made us regret to feed them with our bread crumbs. But I guess it's life.

It was described that Viviers is a town lost in the middle age.  Once it had about 30,000 residents and now only 4,000 and occasional visitors.  We felt that we could be lost in its peace and quietness.

A small town (now) with a big Gothic cathedral.

I bought a pretty little bowl made by a local artist.  With her permission, I took a picture of her!

We ran into this lovely rainbow after we left Viviers and headed toward Tournon.  I was so lucky to catch it!

When we reached Tournon, we were already late for our home hosted dinner.  Our host are a lovely couple who love Americans.  It was a shame that we were unable to spend more time with them.  But I would always remember that our hostess locked my arm in hers and called me "my sister"!  And we sang Jingle Bells together when we walked toward their home.

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