Monday, November 19, 2012

French Gastronomy

To enjoy the food while traveling is a given.  The French food we had on this trip alone would invite me to go back again.  Our chef, waiter and waitress took care of us very well, and every meal was an enjoyment.

Some soups:

 French onion soup:
 Spinish soup:
Main entrees:

 This fish cake is very light, tasted like our HuBei fish balls:

Some appetizers:

And wonderful desserts:
My favorite one below:  very chocolaty with chocolate liquor woo zing out when biting into it.  It was not "no sugar added" though!

And our chef demonstrating how to make crepe in an afternoon session:
 Our program director Jamil stood on the left. He left Syria for France when he was 9.  Although a Franch citizen, he bought an apartment just before the civil war broke out.  Now he has to move back to Paris and continue working .

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