Sunday, October 4, 2015

A day spent hiking in the Dartmoor National Park

Our Air B&B host Nigel served us breakfast with cereal toast and coffee.  and we had some very pleasant chat.  His wife Nicola served us dinner last night.  They are very friendly and hospital.  Their two children Ellen and Thomas are at the same age as Meghan and Alex.  Nigel and Nicola did a lot of hiking before having children.  They provided us information on where best to go for the day.  We decided to go to the South Brent and Lydford Gorge areas for hiking.

Driving on the country lanes in Devon is more than a challenge.  I probably drove Ed crazy by trying "to be helpful".  But he did a tremendous job to drive us safely from place to place in those "roller coaster maze" as I called them. Where we share the road with horse riders, cyclists, and cars, including big trucks or tractors,  from the opposite direction.

Near South Brent, we hiked all the way to the Avon Dam, and tried to talk to the black headed sheep.
But they simply walked away.

 A little apple break on a rock for Ed:The scenery was just so quiet, open and absolutely enjoyable.

We had a lunch break at Tevistock, a quaint little village, where we bought raspberry cake for our host family in a farmer's market.

A little banana break on a rock.
The hike at the Lydford Gorge was really beautiful.  We passed the White Lady Fall and the Devil's Cauldron.


When we drove back to Nicola and Nigel's home, we made a stop to take pictures of this medieval prison and court house, and the church adjacent to it.


we saw the sunset on the west and the moon rise on the east.  The blood moon will be here in another two days.  What a beautiful ending of the tour.

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