Friday, October 9, 2015

South west coast of Cornwall - A day spent with the Chrises

A breakfast conversation led me to meet Christine and Christopher from Falmouth, a water front town in Cornwall.  When Christine learned that my name is Christina, and that Ed and I planed to travel to Cornwall after the cruise, she said delightedly that we have to visit them.  And indeed we made arrangement to meet up with  each other at their house, which has a very nice view and a garden in the back.

Then the Chrises drove us along the SW coast :

The castle on the left was built after a peace treaty during the battle between English and Cornwall.

Some beautiful flowers seen in Huefield:
We spent quite a bit time in Lizard, the southern tip of Cornwall.  We saw the Lizard Lighthouse, took a walk along the coastal path, went down to the beach, and had lunch:


 one more group picture after lunch.  The Chrises had pasti, Ed had fish and chip, and I had a crab cake.
 We then went to Porthcurno to see the Minack Theater, which was built on the cliff, over some 50 years.  It was once destroyed during the wall and rebuilt by the same lady and her build mate.
 A sight of the cliffs:
 The stairs where the actors will use:
 We were walking down to the theater:
 A view of the theater from above:
 The satge:
 Part of the stage
 a little balcony above:
 The sound system, which has to be replaced every other year due to the erosion.
 The stone seats:
The Theater has a wonderful tea shop for us to enjoy the cream tea and look out the water:

Energized by the afternoon cream tea, we went further to see St Michael Mount:


 And we made a final stop to look at their boat, Just Jusim
It was almost 7 PM.  Christopher worried that it will get too dark for us to drive back on the country lanes.  We bid goodbye to these wonderful pair who have made an incredibly memorable day for us.

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