Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Black Waterfall Outing

Earlier in the summer, Tom and Janice organized an outing with their four grand kids.  This was to provide an opportunity for the young cousins to enjoy some times together, and to let their respective parents some well deserved kids-free rest.  They stayed in the Black Waterfall State Park in WV for three nights and I joined them for two nights.  The kids really had a wonderful time together.  They shared video games, ran around, played Bonanza, walked to the falls, and chased each other on the play ground.  They are all growing up so fast!  May they remember the fun time they had together on these days.


Both YeYe and GrandMa needed some rest:
The play ground still has its charm:

Of course, a ride in the peddle boat was also delightful:
 Meghan, David and I were in the other boat taking pictures.  And we were ahead of them!

I wish they all know and remember how much they were loved by their Grands! And how much we wish them grow up healthy, happy and as very nice people.

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