Monday, October 12, 2015

TaiDa Bridge Club Alumni Reunion

Through Mei-ping I became connected to the TaiDa Bridge Club Alumni group.  They have a reunion every other year or so.  I was invited to join their reunion in Potomac this year.  It took place during the week right after I returned from Cornwall.  It was a great get together.  Many members are friends dated some 40 years back, playing Bridge when being students at TaiDa.  Some members not playing Bridge took turns to make tremendous Chinese food to feed all.  I am a beginner Bridge player, and am fortunate to receive good tips from the experienced players.  They tried hard to be patient with us beginners.  Ed Chen (I call him Master Chen as he gave us Bridge lessons during the reunion) took pictures for the group.  I am attaching some of his pictures to document this fun event I was lucky to be part of it.

A group picture on the stairs of the front lobby.
Part of the group went hiking at Great Fall.  That was before my arrival.

The front of our host and hostess's home.  We played all the Bridge games cooked and ate dinners in their home.
In the kitchen:
 Both are sisters of my high school classmates.  The one on my right is Celia, the sister of Jean.  The one on my left is Mamie, the hostess also the sister of Caroline.
One night we had crabs: The couple on my right are Rex and Sharon whom I met once previously at Mei-ping's place.  The one on my left is Wang 2, who is a member of the organizing Committee.
The group went on an outing to Annapolis
All the girls inside the visitor's center of the Naval Academy.  Master Chen's wife sat on my right hand side.

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