Friday, October 9, 2015

St. Agnes, Carn Brea and St. Ives

Christopher suggested us to go to St. Agnes for the beauty of the coast, and to Carn Brea which is the highest point in Cornwall and can see water on both sides.  Nicola and Nigel suggested us to go to St. Ives for the nice gallery scene.  So we set out to go to these three places today.

We were able to find a walk path that took us to see the beautiful Trevellas Caves.  Ed headed up as "one horse forging ahead first", while I was picking blueberries along the way.
A lot of heather around too:

On our way to the St Agnes Beacon, we met a family of cattle, cows and two small calf:
From the Beacon, one can see very far:

The legend has it there were two giants one at the Beacon, and one at the Carn Brea fighting each other.  The Giant at Beacon threw all the rocks at the giant at Carn Brea.  Hence now one finds no rocks near Beacon, but one finds all the rocks at Carn Brea.

We drove around and around for quite some time before finally reached Carn Brea, all because we got the name confused.

The Carn Brea Castle is now a middle eastern food restaurant:

This region has lots of remains from the tin or cooper mines.  We did not have time to look at any of them though.
We have had a few good meals in English pubs, totally changed my impression about the cuisine in England.  We had our lunch in this pub, and the fish was delicious.:

St.  Ives has lots of art galleries.  The streets are narrow and go up and down dramatically.

We had dinner at the Smugglers Den Inn, recommended by our land lady Louise. Ed ordered fish and I ordered mussels. Pretty good.

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