Sunday, October 11, 2015

North coast of Cornwell

During the time we were in Cornwall, we stayed with this air B&B home offered by Louise and her daughter Lucy.  We spent 4 comfortable nights in their home.  Louise offered to drive us one day to the north coast and asked that we pay her 20 pounds just for the petrol.  At the end of the day, we picked up Lucy from her school, and we took the Mom and daughter out for dinner.  We picked a Pizza place as that's Lucy's favorite.  During the dinner, Louise talked to us about current politics in England, religion, and a jackdaw bird she saved.
For our excursion to the North Coast, we visited Bedruthan Steps, Port Issac (where Dr. Martin was filmed), Tintagel Castle, and Boscastle Harbor.

The north coast is mainly made of granite cliffs.  At Bedruthan, we went down via the high granite steps (140 steps) to the beach.  Of course to climb back up was more challenging, but was well worth it!

Made it back on top:
Port Issac was changed by the TV series "Dr. Martin".  Now garbs of tourists come to this small town which can hardly accommodate the crowd. The house used in the film as Dr. Martin's home and office has a sign of "private property" on the outside:
The little town does look somewhat familiar because of the TV show.
But the local fisher man still go out to fish and the fish market still does its everyday business.
Tintagel Cstle was a medieval fortification built on the peninsula of Tintagel Island by Richard, Earl of Cornwell, in the 13th century.
What we walked through and wondered about are only the ruins of the original fortification.
 The legend of King Arthur is strong in Tintagel. The Tintagel Castle certainly is associated with the Arthurian legend.

Boscastle became famous due to a flood that once wiped out the entire village.  The town is now completed rebuilt to the exact original style, including this house with a unique roof, the witch museum, etc. The village is now managed by the National Trust.

Ed and I took a little walk out to the harbor:

 The private school that Lucy goes to is behind a post office/farm store.  The store is right across from a 1400 year old parish.  When we heard the bell ringing, we saw the folks who rang the bells by pulling the long ropes.

Tomorrow morning we head back to London.

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